Is Google Plus+ Only a Typical Social Network?

Every facebookie wants to know, What is Google plus? Why do I need it when I have my Facebook? Is it for business? Ah! I think it’s run by Google employees, lol. Isn’t it? If we had to answer these simple questions, we would have simply said, Google+ is a threat to Facebook and also to Twitter.

what is google plus Is Google Plus+ Only a Typical Social Network?

Yes, Google+ is really becoming a threat to Facebook and Twitter’s existence. In fact, many of their active users have already been making fun on Google+. That’s the first indication of their risks. Then, why not let’s tell you some of those cool things that make it the most special among others and also will let you know the bad things of it.

Good Things:

Google+ Is for the Passionate Ones . Yes, Google’s awesome social network is meant to connect with the persons whom you follow for your passions, carrier, life that is not just limited to friends and family. If you are a music lover and have passion for music, just join Google+ and get thousands of musician in your circles. You can also join different music communities on Google+, so that you will get different music lovers’ thoughts, learning, experience etc just with a few clicks.

Add As Much You Can. There is no limit for adding people in your circles. But you can add people within a temporary fixed limit which gets reset every 24 hours. So, happy circling!

Made For Everyone. Google+ is made with a design that is suitable for everyone whether it’s a youngster, an employee, a club secretary, a celebrity, a politician or even your granny. It doesn’t matter in which field of work you belong to.

Hangouts. If we are asked, What makes it most special? We’ll have to answer, Hangouts. It’s hangout facility is the biggest reason why day by day people are switching from other social networks to the one and only Google+. You don’t believe? Just hangout once and you’ll, for sure.

Great Touch of Simplicity. Not only it’s design, but also it functionality are all very simple to understand and use. Though it has many systems, that you ever hardly knew. You just need to dip a little bit more to understand those, or stay connected with us, we’ll let you know.

Promoter’s Favorite Place. After Facebook’s release of post promoting system, Google+ has become the favorite place for the page owners. Moreover, here the pages can also join hangouts and can do almost anything that a regular user can.

Verified Accounts. Google+ does verify user accounts and also pages. Just request them, and they will do it for you. You don’t need to wait for automating verification, like what you had to do on Twitter.

Animation Support. Google+ supports images like animated gif that hardly any other social network (except Twitter) does.

Combination of Facebook and Twitter. Google+ can be seen as the combination of both Facebook and Twitter, because it includes many of their functionality that makes them special and even in a better form. For e.g, Facebook’s Birthday Notifications, Events, Groups as Communities etc and Twitter’s Discover, Trending Topics, Mentions etc.

Bad Things:

No Proper Messaging System. It’s been one and a half year, yet Google has not developed a proper messaging system like what Facebook has. We need lots of click to see the old conversations, whereas Facebook needs just two or three clicks.

No +1′s Publishing.  When you +1 something, it doesn’t come on your or your friends’ news feed, unlike Facebook which shows likes in user activity and in ticker also. Instead, it shows it inside the +1 tab of your news feed.

As you can see, Google+ has too much plus points than others which makes it the most special social network among all. So, we can say, Google+ is a kinda rich social network designed & developed for all kind of internet users with lots of excellent, easy to understand and very useful functionality.

Agree with us? Why not leave a comment for us. And we’ll reply to whatever you think. Thanks for reading this! Have a nice day!

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