What Is Love for Boys!

What is love for a boy? This is the question every girl forgets to ask herself. And later when everything gets over between them, she tries to blame the boy. Isn’t it so rude? Should not the girl have understood the boy before accepting him in her life? Or, is it really okay to leave a guy just because the girl could not understand him?

Well, people say, love is actually same for both, boys and girls. But, how can their feelings match when they themselves are not same by nature? Well, it’s actually a big topic of debate. But nobody could ever find any answer. Therefore we should leave this discussion here and let you know a boy’s feeling in love.

Boys Are Like Coconut. When a boy falls in love, the first changes we can see in him is, he would become soft from inside, but hard from outside, just like a coconut. It means he will become kind-hearted, but will also be strong by emotions. It’s indeed a true fact. If you can’t see this kind of change in a lover, then it’s definitely some kinda infatuation in him which will not lead the couple to good relationships.

Day Dreaming. Most in cases, a boy become day dreamer in love. Most of the boys don’t accept it, but it’s true. Therefore his concentration towards anything gets lowered except his girl. Day dreaming is not actually love, but it does show how much the boy is serious about the girl.

Sleepless. A true lover often becomes excited for his future with his girl. And that takes him a long time on bed before sleep. Though it wastes his time, but he never feels bad for it which makes him mentally more attached to his beloved.

Gets Closer to Friends And Family. True love changes everyone’s life. Specially, when it’s a guy. It not only develops his personality, but also makes him a good person. Therefore as a result, he simply gets closer to his friends and family.

Basically, what it means is, Love is a life changing experience for a guy that improves his personality, makes him social and keeps him in a dreamy world with his partner.

So, this is our thought about a boy’s love. You Agree or not? Just leave a comment with your opinion and we’ll get back. Thanks for reading! Enjoy your day!