Maggi Noodles Contain Pork, True or False?

Whenever we are in high appetite, the first thing that comes in our mind is Maggi Noodles. In fact in hostels, gatherings or for kids, it’s a regular trend to have Maggi at any time of the day. But do you know what are the secrets behind these yummy noodles? How are they made? Are they healthy for you, your kids and your family?

maggi noodles Maggi Noodles Contain Pork, True or False?

If you are a Maggi lover, then you’ll feel sad to know that these 2 minutes noodles are made with 6 day old Maida Flour and moreover, pork is added to it for taste. Yes, we know it very well that there is no such absolute proof about it, but since these news came out, the marketers have started promoting it more & more and with new & emotional ideas. You may notice some superstars promoting it or a group of friends showing their love for it or some new promotional words like It Is Made of Wheat Flour, It Is Now Tasty and Healthy Both etc.

As there is no such absolutely correct proof, people may still not leave it. But one thing is true for sure that these foods are high in fat that may cause cholesterol health problems. So fat people, don’t mine but be safe. Though eating it once a week may not be a big deal.

Now, what if these rumors are true? Just look at your baby and see how much he loves it. But what you are feeding him, is it really healthy? If the rumors are true, you can guess what it can do to your or your babies’ or your family’s health. There comes the thing that doctors say:

Better Be Safe Than Sorry.

A human body is not a machine that can be repaired just by changing its parts. Your family’s health is up to your hand. Choose yourself, whether to eat 2 minutes noodles or to eat nutritious foods. And also decide, Should We Still Eat Maggi Noodles?

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