Kurkure Does Not Contain Plastic, Really?

Needless to say, Kurkure is among the most popular snacks in the eastern countries. But do you have any idea what this so called healthy snack can do to your little kid’s health or to your own health. Do you even know what Pepsi-Cola is serving you in those packets of Kurkure? I Hope, you don’t. Now, what if I say, Kurkure contains plastic?

kurkure contains plastic e1372267114867 Kurkure Does Not Contain Plastic, Really?

Is not it shocking? Yes, it is. But still there are two kind of thoughts going on in this world. One is that it cointains plastic, and one is that it doesn’t. Well, we don’t belong to any health organization, so we don’t have any power to check it thoroughly. But at least, we can use our brain to justify this fact.

The first thing is, many people experimented with burning the pieces of this snack. The shocking thing is that they burn just like how a plastic product does. Moreover, while burning it emits almost the same smell. Still, many Kurkure fans say that it’s just a hoax. I just pray for their good health, lol.

Second, if it is just a hoax, why this Pepsi-Cola Co. is promoting it with more advertisements and with popular celebrities. Does not it create any doubt in you?

The funny thing is, its fans are still saying that this rumour is fake, because their employees has officially announced that there is no plastic in it. I just want to ask those fans, “Does any thief ever say that he’s a thief?” I hope they have got their answer.

Well, as there is no official proof of its containing plastic, we should not spread anything like this. But, just keep in mind, what can happen if this rumour is true. So, our advice would be to stay safe and healthy. Because as we all know,

Health is wealth.

The decision to eat Kurkure is all yours. So think twice before you decide anything. By the way, thanks for reading! Have a nice day!

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